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Farm Camp

Libation offers the unique experience of getting down and dirty with our farmers and beverage magicians

Come get sticky (and smelly) at farm camp

Farm Camp is an original Libation creation designed to give select Utah restaurateurs an unparalleled educational experience in wine. Over the course of four days and three nights, campers get a hands-on, hard-labor experience with some of California’s premiere sustainable, organic and biodynamic properties. Campers learn the seasonal aspects of farming from some of the best and greenest in the business – and not to worry, there’s plenty of professional tasting.

At Libation, the green elements of the portfolio are a point of great pride and focus. For as many of you that support small farmers on your menus there isn’t any reason not to extend that same commitment and support with your wine lists. Green farming doesn’t just make better food, it makes better wine too. At Libation we want you to know how and why. Come join us for an unforgettable adventure.

Farm Camp is open to any Utah restaurateur or employee thereof. Bartenders, Waiters, Owners; all are welcome. All Campers have to do is get there. Pay your own incidentals, airfare and transportation costs. Lodging and meals are provided by participating wineries. You will eat, drink and sleep at the winery. This unique opportunity is offered by no other brokerage in Utah.